Personalized Doodle Blankets

$ 80.00

Do you have any special requests? Leave info below for us. Thank you.

How would you like a personalized blanket with your favorite photo doodled and personalized name on it?  Choose a favorite pic of your babes, a family photo, favorite furry friend.......

We are so in love with these personalized blankets. They perfect for you, your babe, kiddo, or even to give as a gift. They are also super soft just like our tees because we make them from the same material. 

ABOUT YOUR PHOTOS****PLEASE READ below before ordering....

  1. Choose the size and quantity of people carefully. We have different options for drawing larger groups of people. If you have more people than we offer, please email us for a custom order.  
  2. Make sure you image is clear and there isn't too much clutter in the photo.
  3. If you want a doodle done with another shops item, please let them know before ordering. We do not want to duplicate their item without their permission. We will ask you to provide proof of permission before starting your blanket. We may or may not include that item in the photo.
  4. Only the main subject(s) will be drawn, not all items in the photo.
***If we have any questions about your photo, we will email you. Thanks.


This blanket comes with a complete raw sewn edge around the whole blanket. Choose from a single layer of fabric or a double layer.
Now available in two sizes.

Small 34x29 

Large 42x35

(sizes may vary depending on design)

Fabric : Jersey Knit 6 oz weight per yard

***FONTS....Refer to the pictures when choosing your font choice. We will choose the best font color to match the doodle graphic colors. There is not option for a font color. 

***Complimenting colors for font and background will be chosen to go with your blankets design. 

***Please allow up to 4 weeks for these custom blankets. We hand draw each doodle and then create each blanket per order and this takes time.

***No refunds once purchased for personalized items. Additional charges for multiple subjects in doodle.

***some names have been changed on sample pics for stylizing purposes.

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